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How to Start a Profitable Photography Business

"If you enjoy taking photos, then starting a photography business will be easy and achievable for you; learn how to earn up to $720 part time, per week ... guaranteed!"

Plus you can download these handy free extras

- An additional extensive Marketing Manual
- An extra guide on how to be a great Photo assistant
- An additional guide on ways to make money with a camera
- An extra Photographer's Guide on tips & problem solving

Read the sample sneak peak below...

Photographer Read this carefully,

Imagine doing something you enjoy as your career. Well that's exactly what I'm going to show you in this guide. What to do and what not to do. I'll show you how to get customers and more importantly, how to keep them. I'll show you how to market your photo business and make a profit (it must be profitable...right?). I'll also show you how to set it up.

Making a good income from starting a photography business may seem daunting initially. However, setting it up is quite simple. If you're a keen photographer and making others happy sounds attractive, then this information can change your income and job satisfaction for life. Read the News Flash articles below...



The best things about having your own photography business that makes money is the freedom to start work when you choose, finish the day when it suits, attend your children's school functions, meet someone for lunch etc. You can structure your day the way you see fit and the work is interesting and enjoyable. Your camera and bag can stay in the car and your home becomes your office. You just get better and better at taking photos. If you enjoy taking photos, then this makes sense, doesn't it?! You now need to know how to make it profitable and earn a decent income from it. Let me make it very clear that this information is only going to be useful to you if you have a passion for photography. You don't have to be an award winning photographer, just keen. Let me say that again. You should enjoy photography for this to be successful for you. If you're just looking for a job doing something different, I don't recommend you read any further.


Now if you do enjoy photography

you'll benefit from this detailed guide to selling your services and marketing your photographic business right from the word GO! There is an abundance of tips for getting new customers and maintaining your existing customers. You will be shown how to work locally and globally while increasing your profile each and every day. It will be extremely lucrative for you if you put only some of the information into action. Most photographers just need the guidelines to be a success because they already know how to take pictures. You may prefer to specialize in nature photography, landscape photography, wedding photography, fine-art-photography or just portrait photography etc.. It really doesn't matter which commercial photography business you prefer to take photos in, because every commercial photography business and other modes of photography allow you to work at home and can supply a profitable income. You only need your camera and the basic equipment to commence! There are also some important FREE bonuses included (you'll be impressed), please read on ....

'Income from Photography' covers everything you need to know

about starting and maintaining your own photography business ... as soon as TOMORROW! You'll also learn information on where the markets are and where to sell your photos.

Camera There is little that is worse than earning an income from a job or career you despise, or working with people with whom you do not agree and know that you perhaps never will. My grandmother once told me as a youngster,
"Make sure that when you are old enough to earn a living, try to make it something you enjoy and in which you have an interest - then you'll do a good job & you'll be happy for a long time to come!"

Unfortunately, I didn't take heed until much later in life but you don't have to wait that long and if you have, then it's never, ever too late to change.

Think about this

  • You can easily earn extra money doing this part time!
  • It can be your starting block to you earning money even while you sleep?
  • If you enjoy photography, consider the thought of doing it for a living vs. what you do now?
  • If any of the above is attractive to you then you owe it to yourself to learn How to Start Your Own Profitable Photography Business!


Start A Photography Business

  1. If you can take reasonable photographs?
  2. If you would like to work as much or as little as you want!

Download "Income From Photography" now
and you will save over $60 off the regular price of $99.97.

Starting A Photography Business

Surf Some of my greatest loves and joys in life have come from photography. You can grasp today and store the moment for a long time, you can create joy and interest for others, (be it weddings, a newborn child, sport, school photos, family treasures, photojournalism, nature and educational areas etc.). This very passion for memories and the continual proud moments millions of people have, ensures the future of photography. It's a safe career, it's interesting, always changing and it can be very, very lucrative. "The sky is the limit", as they say. If you enjoy photography, don't settle for anything less!

Important - Here are some facts you need to know. This guide does not teach you how to take better pictures or the latest lighting techniques etc. There are other people who do that better than me and after you get my guide I'll make sure you know who they are. I will teach you how I made a sensational income from photography. That's what this eBook focuses on - setting up and running your photography business. Plenty have done this without guidance and have failed, that's why it's imperative to know how to get business (and keep it) straight away, not later. That's the only reason you would get my eBook - if you want to open your own profitable photography business. If you don't, you would be wise to continue your search somewhere else.

Download "Income From Photography" now
and you will save over $60 off the regular price of $99.97.
Girl With Camera

So many bonuses for the price of one ebook!

  • You get the 80 page 'Income from Photography' guide AND,
  • An incredible 130 page 'Marketing Manual' e-book FREE to help you even further, and
  • 5 extra excellent Bonuses (also FREE),
  • It's tax effective so you can claim it and
  • You get a full guarantee inclusive
  • They're all immediately downloadable (No waiting for the post to arrive)
You will need to supply the perseverance and passion. This is not a get rich quick scheme! Although, you can become wealthy over time by being organised and working smart. Make no mistake, you will have to do the work and motivate yourself. However, this eBook can make the journey much, much easier than attempting to fumble through on your own. Your passion for photography can be realized and it can be your living - both at the same time! By default you can become much better at what you do and learn much quicker the quality elements and efficiencies that are paramount to success in photography. Even if you have to start part-time!

Download "Income From Photography" now

and you will save over $60 off the regular price of $99.97.

Income From Photography Don't hesitate - here's why!

The price is US$37.83 (any major card from any country can be used) . This is just a few dollars compared to what you can save and earn from the guidelines disclosed in this guide; plus more. That's only a dollar a day for 38 days!

If you think this price is too much, then this guide may not be for you. If you are a keen or a budding photographer, you will be alert to the value of this information and where it will take you. If you apply the principles of the guide, it will change your life. if you are tired of what you have been doing to date, then this can start you off. It's always easier to hesitate than to take action-please remember that. It's sad but so many people are stuck in what they do because they did not seize the moment. You're reading one of those moments now!

This price is a drop in the ocean compared to what you could earn by following the guidelines and it is immediately downloadable. You'll be discovering the methods and knowledge behind earning $50-$100 or more per hour! Plus, because this is material for helping you with your business, it's tax effective!

You could be reading this guide & the Free bonuses within 10 minutes from now!

Here's an overview of the bonuses -

Bonus 1 High Profile photographer Robert Provencher, has won several 'Photographer of the Year' Awards, consulted to countless studios and is known best for his specialist work in photojournalsim, wedding photography, and exceptional portrait photography. Robert has given me permission to include his detailed Marketing Manual as an acompaniment to 'Income from Photography' because they are closely related. This is over 130 pages including graphics of highly sought after marketing principles. This is an expensive ebook in its own right - Included today for FREE! This is a rare bonus, and Robert may ask me to remove it as a FREE item from the site soon! - Value $49.00

Bonus 2 How to be a Great Photo Assistant by Rob Walls - This is a great little book that reveals some of the best ways to learn the craft of photography and has lots of tips relating to careers in photography - a valuable source of information for the aspiring apprentice. Even if you're further on in your career, this can make a great gift for someone you care for. - Value $17.00

Bonus 3 33 1/3 Ways To Make Money From Your Digital Camera - This is a great money making guide for existing and future photographers. Good ideas, lots of links for further information and all the tips and hints are straight to the point - no waffle! - Value $15.50

Bonus 4 Top Photography Tips by Rob Walls - This informative little bundle of goodies reveals an invaluable collection of tips, hints and problem solving ideas for the keen photographer. You will see, problems that may have seemed insolvable, difficult to overcome, or even expensive to unravel can often be solved with just a little ingenuity. Lots of links too! - Value $19.00

Bonus 5 If you purchase the eBook now, I will include a FREE additional list of specifically relevant resource websites which have taken ages to research and gather. These sites all relate to building a photographic business. They include photographic school sites, further hints and guidelines, sites for selling and marketing your photos - even a place to sell your photographs and other informative websites related to building, improving and making money from your photography business. - Value $43.00

PS. The value of the Free bonuses on their own exceeds $200. So you're way ahead before you even start.

Download "Income From Photography" now
and you will save over $60 off the regular price of $99.97.


Full Guarantee

We like to think that most people have integrity and go about business in an honest & forthright manner, so, order my downloadable guide and give it your own personal "test run". Take a full fifty six days. If my guide does not do as I claim, simply send me an email directly... and I'll send you a refund. I couldn't be much fairer than that! In fact, even if you couldn't get your refund from me, Clickbank would ensure you get it anyway!

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You literally can't go wrong. It's a no-brainer! To make it easier, all major cards from all countries are accepted and so is Paypal. US citizens can also use echeck. Because this guide can really help you get the ball rolling, think - what can I go without this month to invest in this life changing guide. You'll find there's possibly quite a lot! $150,000-200,000 income p.a. is not unachievable. You set the pace. This guide will cost you the equivalent of $1 per day for 38 days. Download the guide and the many bonuses today.

Ray Baker Author of "Income from Photography"

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