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Featured Photography Site (Sell Your Photographs) Although below you'll find many special photography resources and special free services as well, the top of this page is set aside for featured sites or outstanding photography sites. This is one of the best services available if you want to sell your photographs or just get them organised and without very much trouble. I've been working with them for for just a little while and I've earned a good income from them. The service they supply is rare and superior and I believe very inexpensive. It's about time I passed my secret on to you and others. Obviously, there's a small fee but even simple folk like me know you can't supply this level of service and income opportunity for nothing. They even give you a free trial (that's confidence in your product). Here's the featured site where photographers can present, protect, organise, print and sell their photography work.


Photography eZine
This little ripper supplies a lot of new stuff monthly, is inexpensive and is a great resource for the beginner to intermediate photographer - worth the visit & the insignificant cost. More photography tips and information than you can poke a stick at, truly! Provided by Amy Renfrey.

Using a Digital Camera
How to master your digital camera. Learn how to make professional portrait & landscape shots. Technical info made simple including lighting & digital zoom plus much more. Great for the beginner or someone new to digital photogoraphy.

CORBIS for eye-catching presentations, visit CORBIS subscriptions has excellent royalty free photo stock & is excellent for both web & print.

Sell Your Photos
Truly a great site with potential plus-worth looking at just to get ideas.

Photography Sites
Various photography sites and many different categories to glean through and get ideas.
Have your digital pictures and your prints done online. Great service.

This is one of the better international photo magazines on the globe. Keeps you up to date without creating a 'low tide' in your pocket.


Archival storeage and presentation systems.

Digital Camera Reviews
Great up to date reviews.

Framy: Digital Frames for Digital Pictures
The first digital frames program on the web.

ACDSee 7
The most powerful photo manager around is now even faster. No other photo software saves you so much time.

My DaVinci
Allows you to change any photo to incredible art. Definitely worth a peak if you have some high quality photos that would also look good as conventional art.

Definitely THE site for quality camera bags & camera backpacks.

Great for free storeage, photo sharing, professional prints & always have a deal going of some kind.

An excellent broad range of products & services for the digital camera enthusiasts.

Study & Research

Macro Photography
(an indepth report) Over 30 pages specific to macro photography. A downloadable digital reference.

Free Exposure Calculator
To help calculate the correct camera settings for the best exposure. This is an excellent calculator and not a bad site either.

Free F-Stop & Shutter Simulation
See the results first hand before you waste any time. Good simulator & quick to use.

Free VR Calculators
There are several photo calculators for you to use from; focal length, field of view, optimum zoom ratio, verticle cropping & more. Free to use as you wish.

Easy But Effective Photography Courses
Tutor assisted online certiificate courses in photography. This is quite a special site & if you're truly looking for an effective course, you should look at this one.

Affiliate Photography Schools in the USA
Choose from one of the many highly renowned schools.

Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography
Excellent site.

New York Institue of Photography
Offers courses on photography & more.

History of Photography
Indepth resource on the history of photography plus more.

The American Museum of Photography
Excellent site for research.

Photo History
Before lens technology, another good research site.

Photography & Design Schools & Colleges
One of the most complete & indepth lists on the net.

British Institute of Professional Photography
A highly regarded source of information, guidance & education.

Miscellaneous & Photo Software

Weather Photography
With links to many other similar sites.

Specialising in prints & photos of nature & the mountains. Also has a reputation for restoring and repairing old prints.

Wild Photography
A good expansive site truly dedicated to wilderness photography.

Photos of the Year
Digital photo contest. Well worth the look. Has a lean toward nature photography.

Underwater Photography
At the time of linking this was the #1 underwater site.

Web development & photography. A diverse range of tech products, services & images.

Doesn't just look after models, It also takes a strong interest in fashion, photographers, and agencies. Strong brand relations but level headed.

Insurance of the Photographer
This is a must if you have opened you own business. It's a global coverage so don't be put off by its UK base.

Selling & Marketing Photography

Income from Digital Photography
12 ways to profit from your digital camera. Also learn how to sell your photos as screen savers & how businesses can pay you each month for taking pictures while you make a significant cash income.

Start a Part Time Photography Business
Comes with personal support which is pretty rare! Mostly for the amateur who is ready to earn some money with their newly acquired skills. It is specific and without padding. Over 90 pages and a sound guarantee.

Sell your photos easily! Sell your pictures by mail, learn how to market your shots to publishers, how to sell your photos to online stock libraries, card,calendar, print, & poster companies.

Income from Portrait Photography
From a Certified Professional Portrait Photographer. Just the necessary information you need to get going and make money on a low budget.

A $200-a-day Home Photography Business
Take simple photos in your local area and earn good money for it. May not be the most exciting way to take photos but if the client is contacting you most of the time with more work...

Income from Wedding Photography
Learn the expensive mistakes others have made. This book is idealy suited to the amateur & guides you on getting started in a lucrative market. The author also offers personal support.

Income from Photography
How to start up & market a profitable photography business. Broad coverage including legals and setting up a company. See this review....

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