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silhouette-of-the-abdomen-image.jpgWe are quietly launching our Photography Tutorial on this site and informing only our subscribers. The monthly tutorials will cover a vast array pf photography subject matter for photographers (like you) on a mission to learn and to constantly improve your photography skills and the quality of your photographs. These information tutorials are about learning the facts and go way beyond a one page article overview. You can collect them, print them out and refer to them as needed. They will become a source of inspiration, guidance and even encourage creativity. The first issue is on the subject of How Body Posing Affects Composition. I have included an extract below which is free of charge. The simple subscription procedure is explained at the bottom of the page...

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There will be some surprises planned and randomly thrown in from time to time but they remain a secret. Otherwise they won't be a surprise! Only subscribers to this tutorial receive those benefits. If 'Body Posing' information is all you're interested in, there's a link at the bottom of this page that will supply more on this subject. The subscription, however, supplies information on that and a broad range of photography topics and gives you a full month to practice technique before the next issue arrives. If you have your own photo business, this charge is tax effective. If you don't, but you are keen to achieve a high quality standard of photography, this small cost is a good investment in yourself. By the way, you can unsubscribe at any time, for any reason! I know that's how I'd want it!

Here's the extract I promised.

big-canyon-small-person-image.jpgHow to Achieve the Best Poses from Your Photographed Subjects

Photography As An Art

Photography becomes an art when one captures the true essence of a subject in its environment. Many individuals grasp photography's artistic composure when they encounter a photograph, whereby the subject influences an emotional or empathetic response. The elements for composing this type of art require the photographer to adhere to some rather basic and advanced concepts of posing the subject

How the Subject's Pose Influences the Quality of the Photograph

An artistic photograph invokes a sense of movement within the audience. This movement comes in the form of an emotional response, such as passion, sympathy or happiness. The feeling, itself, constructs a relationship between the artist and the audience, which extends through nonverbal communication. Famous artist dedicate the foundation of this relationship as to how the subject's composure influences the audience's response.

Humans relate to each other through the form of pictographic, verbal nonverbal and written communication. In some instances, the subject of a photograph speaks to the audience through body language as form of nonverbal communication, such as facial expressions, living-image.jpgpoised movement, gestures or position within the surrounding environment. As an exercise, review the individual in the photographs below:

Can you see how the subject's poise in the first photograph influences a sense of openness, welcoming and fulfillment towards the audience?

When first viewing the photograph, was it easy to put yourself in the subject's shoes and feel the enormity of the environment in comparison to a lone human being in the midst of it all?

The Importance of Learning How to Pose the Subject

The information included within the following paragraphs will detail how the subject's pose communicates certain messages to the audience through kinesics behaviors, more commonly known as a form of nonverbal communication. The importance of bodily components detailed in this article doesn't merely form rudimentary arrangement guidelines. Rather, we discuss the rules of logically ordering of the body in the process of posing a subject......the rest of this tutorial is available after subscribing here. Remember, the first issue is $4.95 and there after it is $15.00 per month. If you aren't happy or you decide the world is tumbling down, you can easily unsubscribe at any time. Here's the link again.


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